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Telemarketing is the selling and marketing of services or products to customers over the phone. Alliance Telenet will provide you exceptional telemarketing services along with the expertise of our efficient sales representatives.

We understand that business marketing is undeniably challenging and it is a known fact that a lot of financial resources are needed before any brand can reach their potential clientele. Continuous phone time while assisting customers greatly affects your employee’s daily productivity. By giving us the job of telemarketing your company’s products and services, you will know we are the most efficient avenue in connecting with your customers and a channel for you to save more on costs.

Our sales representatives are dynamically trained to interact with your customers to make and receive different call types. These call types may include:

  • Lead Generation (qualifying leads or buyers)
  • Live Transfer (we call your leads and transfer them to your closers)
  • Document Collection or Preparation Processing (from your customer portal or training portal)
  • Appointment Setting


Alliance Telenet:

The Leading Provider of excellent end-to-end multichannel support solutions to different industries.

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