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Alliance Telenet Student


What we offer is experience; an extensive learning experience, while having a memorable one. Get to meet and work with the best people in the industry. You’ll not be “joining” this world after you graduate, we’ll make you a part of it before you even wear that toga!

Alliance Telenet is a perfect environment for students to thrive. We will cultivate your fresh concepts and even give you the wheel. Develop your talent with us. Entrust us with your newest out-of-this world ideas, and watch as we turn them into reality.

If you are a motivated college student, looking for more than just the usual internship or college job, then you’re welcome to work with us. Allow our family to kick-start your career. We’ll give you the opportunity to get something incredible on your resume, and give an impressive launch for your future.



Alliance Telenet:

The Leading Provider of excellent end-to-end multichannel support solutions to different industries.

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