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Search Engine Marketing

What is SEO? And how does it contrast from SEM?

If you are going to look at it, it is safe to assume that SEO is under SEM’s umbrella of functions. Search Engine Optimization pertains to designing a website’s content and coding in order for search engines such as Google can locate your website with no hassle. When SEO is done right, it gives any website the opportunity to be on the first page of Google search, without spending money for ads making it organic. On the other hand Search Engine Marketing or SEM is beyond SEO, because it involves a guaranteed place on the first page of the search results for a certain price.

Compared to SEO, SEM is a bit more general than what SEO is. SEM includes selection of options in order to use search engine technology. SEM is usually used to outline acts that are linked with researching and positioning your website within a search engine almost every time. Under SEM’s branches of functions are SEO, paid advertisement, and other search engine related support that ensures 100% improvement on your website’s online presence.

Alliance Telenet’s Search Engine Marketing Initiative

SEO industry is famously known as very driven and competitive line of trade. Even when you are already using a very potent organic coding as well as a competitive content for your site’s optimization, the risk or possibility of your site to sink lower in ranking is still apparent. In cases that SEO failed, an effective strategy that you need to take is to invest on SEM so you can secure that your website won’t lose its competitive ranking. Alliance Telenet’s Search Engine Marketing is available for you for a reasonable price.

By providing this service, Alliance Telenet can cater to the dynamic needs of all our clients online. To get more information on how SEM works here feel free to subscribe to our services.

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