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Mobile Optimization

One of the most important factors for websites right now is being mobile-friendly. There are three main reasons why:

  • 1. It can be accessed a lot easier. A mobile optimized site allows users to visit your website even while on-the-move, with only a mobile phone at hand. Websites that are not mobile optimized would not fit on a smaller browser, thus, the text and images on the site would be jumbled up together making the site useless. A mobile-ready site, on the other hand, would adjust the content to fit any browser size.
  • 2. They are favored in search rankings. Google has recently announced that due to the growing number of people who access the internet through their mobile devices, they are going to start favoring mobile-ready sites in search rankings as opposed to websites that are not yet optimized.
  • 3. It gives the website more traffic. A mobile-friendly site can be accessed anytime, so it gets visited more often. It doesn’t restrict users to stick to just their desktops. They can also easily share the site to their friends through a quick SMS, chat, or email. And when a site gets more visitors, it only means one thing: more visitors = more potential clients = more opportunities for profit.

These are also the three reasons why Alliance Telenet is providing mobile optimization services. This is in line with our mission to provide multi-channel solutions to our partners.

For choices on our mobile optimization services, you can visit this page.

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