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First Ever Alliance Telenet Sports Bonanza

Written by: Alliance_main last October 7, 2015

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Alliance Telenet will be having its very first sports fest for employees. The sports fest aims to engage employees from our capable and humble maintenance staff, security, agents, web development team, and management. Yes, you heard me right even the bosses and the upper management will participate in these adrenaline-pumping and fun filled activities. The series of events that employees can join into are the team sports: basketball and volleyball; both games involve the values of camaraderie which opens a more open social interaction between departments the company’s departments that ensures a forging of a more solid base for the company. Soon, as the company grows we will include other sports events that everyone can enjoy.

Importance Of Sports In Your Health

After all, the natures of our jobs are mostly sedentary which tends to put our body in a state of complacency. Our body’s organic functions fall into a state dormancy and in some cases torpor which greatly affects our performance at work as well as our overall health. Having a regular physical activity regulates a good blood flow which contributes greatly in all our important bodily functions (e.g. hormone productions and distribution, sound breathing, excellent flow of oxygen, etc.). Especially for our agents working at night who have been battling their body clock in order to perform and provide the best customer service that they can give to our clients overseas. It is not easy for an individual who is working in that kind of environment to establish a sound health.

Call Center Olympics And Alliance Telenet’s Sports Wear Competition

In response to that dilemma, the BPO industry devised a call center provider wide Olympics involving different kinds of sporting event for interested agents. The Call Center Olympics make different BPO companies compete in a friendly completion while promoting a holistic promotion of agents’ well-being. Alliance Telenet also wants its employee to enjoy the same privilege; hence the formation of our own sports fest which we are positively hoping to join the Call Center Olympics in the future.

Aside from the company’s upcoming sports fest just few days ago, the management held a Sports Wear Competition where employees are allowed to wear their most unique and awesome sportswear throughout the day. It was like a sports themed costume party showing everyone’s creative wardrobe prowess.

The Sports Wear Competition ended on a high note, and winners received special prizes and one of the winners came from our own web departments esteemed: Content Editor Virna Pamela Odiver-Aricheta wearing her own kick-ass version of a Muay Thai Cage Fighter, which earned her a Starbucks Reward Card of 300 worth of points and bragging rights!

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There are lots of exciting and fun-filled perks awaiting all those who are going to participate in the upcoming games of the sports fest. Hoping to see your name listed among the winners!


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