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The field of collection has made lots of changes in the recent years. The system of your collection operation needs to adapt to the current standards of the industry consequently; the factors that the industry’s new standards directly affected the ever changing customer expectations, guidelines, and recent business priorities. Businesses needs to address delinquencies swifter at the same time reduce customers’ exertion as well as costs together with making sure an utmost compliance to the regulations.

Alliance Telenet’s collection team provides a custom-fit approach that helps you settle the obstacles you are facing in our current collection climate. Through our personalized solutions here in Alliance Telenet, we can increase your over-all client satisfaction while making sure of their compliance and payment or dues.

Through our clever innovative ways and clear understanding of the collection business we are able to produce a dynamic solution that shall meet specific goals which includes:

  • Propensity modeling
  • Customized Care agent desktop technology
  • Early and late stage collections
  • Multichannel interaction
  • Compliance
  • Retention
Alliance Telenet:
Our Story

Providing excellent end-to-end multichannel support to different industries and helping our employees reach their success as we reach ours has been the theme of Alliance Telenet since August of 2014.


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