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A Powerful Shake For Nature: Alliance Telenet’s Earthquake Drill

Written by: Alliance_main last October 19, 2015

Alliance Earthquake Dirll

It appears that in the past few months, our planet encountered numerous environmental disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. Our Earth Mother seems to be getting weaker due to the negative effects of globalization, our blatant disregard of all the nurturance that she is providing us, polluting her not only with the harmful elements that we have been producing from our modern advancements but also with our wordly desires that contributes to negative that is corrupting our senses, and keeping our connection to her shunned. Our world’s frequency has drastically submerged to the depths of ignorance making our existence marred with malignancies.


If you have seen the motion picture “Kingsman: The Secret Service” directed by Matthew Vaughn based on the comic book series “The Secret Service” created by David Gibbons and Mark Millar. It was graphically shown in the story that our planet is afflicted by a tenacious “Cancer” called “Humanity” (us). Although the origins of its plot is strictly fiction, it is in a way stating a matter of fact that our world is moving towards oblivion caused by our own apathy and too much dependence to our artificial innovations, pop culture, selfishness, and delusions. Even resulting to an internet billionaire, philanthropist, tree-hugger who hates violence (Richmond Valentine played by Samuel L. Jackson) to do drastic measures to eliminate the so called “cancer” of our planet and help it heal herself.

Sadly, most of us would consider his actions as madness, but what we do not know is that we are the ones who are insane and perhaps his radical ideal is the thing that our world needs. I’m not saying that we should all kill each other so we can make our world a better way to live. No, what I’m saying is that we should eliminate the cancer which is afflicting our Earth Mother by becoming more involve; by renouncing our bleakness, by breaking our chains from the enslavement of ignorance. We should start the treatment within ourselves. From there, we should propagate it and heighten our existence’s frequency making our world better again through the long term measures of healing.

But, of course the environmental disasters that we are experiencing wouldn’t instantly stop once we have decided to save the world, since it will take time before we can completely fix the distortion that we have caused. We should bear with our environment just as our Earth Mother have endure our cycle of disappointments without failing to forcefully nurture us with her remaining grace.

The Metro-Wide Earthquake Drill


With that said, we should be always be prepared for any untoward natural disasters that we may encounter such as the most recent earth quakes that have devastated our neighboring countries and our own (the 7.2 magnitude quake in Bohol). In response to that call to action, the Philippine Government’s Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced a Metrowide Earthquake Drill last 30th of July, 2015.

What We Are Preparing For

It is said that the West Valley Fault is one of the most destructive fault lines in the country because of its length and the density of population and structures that are located near it. Here is the list of barangays that are on the fault line (however, it is also important to note that even though a barangay may not be listed, nearby cities and provinces are still going to be heavily affected if a big quake hits).


According to the latest study, it is predicted that almost 34,000 people will die in case the next West Valley Fault earthquake hits. 90% of these people will die due to collapsed structures, while 20,000 people are predicted to be die by burning to death because of the fires that will start after the quake. 170,000 residential houses will collapse, 7 bridges will fall off, 4,615 kilometers of water distribution pipes will suffer 4,000 points of breakage. 30kms worth of electric cables and 95 kms of communication cables will be disconnected. 1.7 hectares of land will catch fire. 114,000 people more will be injured.

West Valley Fault  

…But we can lessen the damage by preparing.

Both public and private institutions such as hospitals, schools, and businesses such as Alliance Telenet, played a big part in making this joined venture for safety successful. The Metrowide Earthquake Drill simulated a systemic approach in bringing everyone to safety once an earthquake took place in Metro Manila where evacuation from an earthquake this strong will prove difficult due to the cities’ multitudes of sky scrapers and congested environment.

Alliance Telenet Participates

The building we are in, Strata 100 had actively participated in the earthquake drill in partnership with the Pasig City government. Before the actual drill, our HR Department Head, Ms. Lou Manalastas, has given us a quick briefing. So when the sirens went off at 10:30 we were already ready to descend down the flight of stairs from our floor (13th). We practiced the buddy system so we went down in pairs.

Once downstairs, there was a short talk on where we must go once the actual earthquake happens – and it is to a nearby parking area - along with some tips like how to properly cover our heads.

I was really surprised, and proud, on how organized me and my office mates were. I was personally a skeptic on the whole event. Good thing I was proven wrong. I felt even prouder when I also witnessed the night quake drill held by Pasig City. The drill entirely was a huge success and even became the third trending topic worldwide.

A week after the Metrowide Earth Quake drill, a fire drill was also initiated by the Management of Strata 100 in partnership with the Pasig City Government Fire Brigade. Alliance Telenet also took part of course! They have performed the same safety simulation that the earthquake drill had with additional informative first-aid seminars, simulation of search and rescue procedures as well as rappelling performed by our proud fire fighters.

I am really glad to have been part of these drills since they don’t just prove the competency for safety that Alliance has as a company, but it also proves that they are trying to prick the veil of apathy that we should all conquer for the sake of our world.

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